The Cheese Factory

‘The consistency of our cheese is the key’

In Alimentias we dedicate all our efforts to ensure that the origin of our Manchego cheese, specifically la mancha milk, is ideal in terms of quality.

Our agreements with farmers are long-lasting and based on a relationship of trust.

This has allowed us to work with small farms whose milk has the exact parameters we seek and are maintained throughout all seasons of the year.

Above all, we consider of utmost importance animal welfare; the animals graze in wide-open spaces, allowing them to develop and be found in much more natural surroundings.  They are held in the most accommodating environment possible. Furthermore, the sheep are milked only once a day. Not only does this contribute to their well-being, but it also guarantees high-quality milk.

The care taken in the selection of these components allows us to obtain a consistent and homogeneous cheese at an organoleptic level, which reflects our efforts placed in the initial stages.

‘Our best asset is the origin of the milk’


Our cheese plant was built based on the traditions used in Manchego cheese production.

We rely on a team comprised of dedicated professionals who take exhaustive measures during each stage of the production process. This has allowed us to obtain IFS and BRC certifications with the highest qualifications.

Do you want to see how we package our cheese?


‘Our goal is to seek the purity and authenticity in each of our cheeses’

Alimentias collaborates with the best cheese factories throughout Spain to offer our clients a wider range of National cheeses (both DOP and non-DOP) under our DON JUAN brand or private label.

Our goal is to provide solutions to our customers at every step of the process: quality, logistics, marketing, customer service and continuous monitoring of our production.

As a trading business, Alimentias is specialized in international trade and certified with the highest qualifications in IFS and BRC.