Intensely flavored cheeses ideal for any recipe.

Alimentias launched this range of sheep cheeses according to the tradition of Spanish cheesemakers.

Sheep cheese represents the cheese of reference for most households in Spain: whether to prepare a tapas board, a croqueta or an empanada, this cheese is always the star of the show.

Santa Marta are concept cheeses, very versatile, perfect to prepare various recipes and to suit the needs of every customer, families, restaurants and hotels. High quality, excellent taste and unique texture, to enhance the flavor of each dish.

Manfuego with Cayenne Pepper

Cheese of strong character, intense flavor with spicy tones due to the Cayenne pepper and buttery consistency. Perfect to give an extra spicy touch to your dishes.

The Mediterranean Sheep

Sheep cheese with firm paste and aromatic flavor. The two main ingredients, tomato and oregano, add an authentic Mediterranean taste.

The Truffle Quest

Cheese with a powerful taste and fragrance. Sheep cheese with truffle is characterized by the lingering flavor and aroma provided by this delicious ingredient.

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