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Manchego cheese is the Spanish cheese with Denomination of Origin by excellence, recognized all over the world.

The special organoleptic characteristics of this cheese are due in large part to the milk, which hails exclusively from the Manchego breed of sheep.

The Manchega sheep have adapted to the arid grazing pastures and the harsh climatic conditions of Castilla La Mancha, contributing to the creation of a semi-hard cheese identified by its distinctive herringbone rind and sweet flavor.

All of our Don Juan Manchego Cheese is subjected to a carefully established elaboration process with a slow ageing process.

The elaboration of this cheese combines the tradition from the hands of our Master Cheesemaker, along with the technological advances and optimal ageing times, thus guaranteeing a unique flavor, aroma, and texture.

In addition to our Manchego, we also produce a wide variety of specialty products including sheep, goat, Iberian and mixed cheese, as well as cheese made from raw milk.

Perfect pairing



Son dulces mediterráneos que destacan por su rico sabor, ingredientes naturales, fácil conservación, alto valor nutritivo y elaborados a partir de una receta tradicional que no contiene gluten.

Se puede encontrar en diferentes formatos y variedades: Con almendras, nueces, higos, dátiles, albaricoques y ciruelas pasas.

Son un producto perfecto para acompañar quesos, también como postre o como un delicioso snack.



Quince is a natural sweet paste made from quince pulp. This popular product is an excellent source of fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Our quince paste is made in Spain from fresh organic quince, cane sugar and lemon juice, without additives or preservatives.

It pairs beautifully with cheese, from intense and cured cheese like Manchego to soft, creamy cheese.

Marcona Almonds


Spain boasts an incredible Mediterranean climate that provides excellent conditions for almond production, the perfect accompaniment for cheese, namely the Marcona Almond.

The Marcona Almond is considered “the golden nugget”. No other variety of almond has the characteristics of the Marcona: it is a fruit of different caliber, with a rounded shape, and a sweet and delicate flavor; it contains a high content of oleic acid and vitamins, as well as fatty oils that are beneficial since they are monounsaturated, which promotes the reduction of cholesterol.

The beneficial properties of Marcona almonds have been known for centuries. They were used for medicinal purposes, cosmetics and as a food source because of its high energy content: 579 kcal per 100 grams. Even in recent decades, almond shells were used as an energy source due to their high calorific value.

Our Don Juan Almond selection comes in a range of flavors, that are ideal for pairing with a wide variety of cheese.