Queen of Almonds

Native to the province of Alicante, located in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Marcona almond is a botanically pure Spanish almond variety often referred to as the ‘Queen of Almonds’ or ‘golden nugget’.

With the decline in the cultivation of this variety due to the low yield, Alimentias has committed to protect the Marcona almond: not only do we avoid any type of waste by selecting almonds of all calibers, but we also promote its cultivation, hence helping the local economy, through the commercialization of almonds.

We carefully select the finest Marcona Almonds to create specialties according to artisanal processes while meeting the highest quality standards and sustainable methods, achieving a natural and tasty product.
Marcona almonds are perfect to eat as an accompaniment to our assortment of Spanish cheese.

A rounded fruit of exquisite taste, appearance and quality, no other variety has the characteristics of the Marcona: plumper and slightly larger than common almonds, not only is it the sweetest but is unique because of its delicate flavor.

Marcona Almonds have a beneficial effect on health as they are great source of:

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