Our Manchego P.D.O. cave aged is matured in four different caves: Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer, where climatic conditions of the different seasons are replicated.

Inspired by the French artisan’s idea of ripening Comté with aromatic herbs, in our facility in Jerez de la Frontera we decided to include a greenhouse connected to the four cheese caves where Manchego P.D.O. cheese is matured. Inside, freshly cut aromatic plants from the gardens of the Finca Maria Paz are replaced frequently: rosemary, thyme, and lavender. This process allows the air to be naturally purified and to prevent mold growth, while conferring the cheese particular and subtle aromatic notes.

These factors directly influence the ripening of the cheese and allows us to obtain a cheese with exceptional characteristics: a unique texture, full flavor and complex aromatic character.

Manchego cheese P.D.O. cave aged 4 monthS.

After 2 months of ripening in La Mancha, the cheese is matured in our Primavera chamber for 2 more months. This is the cellar where the air flow from the greenhouse is more abundant. This Manchego P.D.O. cave aged for 4 months will acquire a floral aroma, with a creamy paste and soft notes of sheep’s milk.

Manchego cheese P.D.O. cave aged 6 months.

After 2 months in La Mancha and 2 months in the Spring chamber, the Autumn cheese is transferred for 1 month to the Summer cellar and 1 more month to the Autumn chamber. The difference in temperature and humidity will give the cheese an intense flavor, a compact paste and aromatic and herbaceous notes.

Manchego cheese P.D.O. cave aged 10 months.

To achieve the perfect maturation of this excellent quality cheese, it will spend 2 months in each chamber: Spring, Summer, Autumn and finally Winter. Here, the aromatic airflow is quite strong, the temperature is cooler, the humidity is moderate and there is almost no light. This cheese has a firm paste, a distinctive flavor with spicy notes and a fragrant aroma.

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