Spain has a rich culinary heritage, especially when it comes to cheeses, from curado to tierno, to the traditional specialties of each region.
The region of Asturias, in the northeast of the country, is internationally renowned for being the main location where the finest blue cheeses are elaborated in the Spanish tradition.

Alimentias has carefully selected three ranges of blue cheese to accommodate the needs of all our customers: Cabrales P.D.O. for its premium cheese renown, Roncari Blue pure sheep or pure goat milk for its distinctive taste and quality and La Fueya wrapped in sycamore leaves, as the most traditional Spanish blue cheese.

Roncari Blue

Blue cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s or goat’s milk, it has a compact paste with penicillium roqueforti mold, white and blue in color. This blue cheese has a slightly acidic flavor with intense spicy notes reminiscent of hints of black pepper, voluptuous and creamy in the mouth and persistent aftertaste.

La Fueya

Blue cheese elaborated in the Spanish tradition, available in two versions:


The special conditions of the caves where this cheese is left to mature allow the penicillium-type fungi to develop in the cheese, which gives it its blue-greenish veins. It is usually covered in fig or sycamore leaves to preserve the cheese properties; it has a smooth and creamy flavor.

Cabrales p.D.O.

Cabrales P.D.O., named after the area where it is elaborated, is the best-known blue cheese in Spain produced according to artisanal methods.
Made from raw cow’s and sheep’s milk, it is matured in natural caves. The paste can be ivory or straw yellow in color, and brown near the edge, streaked with irregular lines and spots of the characteristic mold.

The texture is very complex, soft and creamy, but grainy and almost crumbly, with an intense aroma and a spicy and savory aftertaste.

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