Perfect pairing to accompany our selection of Spanish cheeses

Our desire to find the perfect match for our cheese led to the 1969 Perfect cheese match range: a set of delicious accompaniments ranging from quince paste and fruit cakes, to fried corn, caramelized nuts and a small version of breadsticks, picos.

Alimentias offers an extensive range of specialties made from the finest fruits and nuts, grown and dried under the Mediterranean sun, and available in different formats and flavors.

A unique assortment of cheese pairings 100% from Spain: sweet, savory, traditional, and always with a guarantee of excellent quality.

Our accompaniments are ideal for preparing sensational cheese boards, to eat on-the-go as a snack or to enhance the flavor of your favorite recipes.

We also offer the single serve option, which is ideal for hotel minibars, airlines and cruise lines, and the supermarket snack section.


Mediterranean sweets that stand out for their rich flavor, natural ingredients, high nutritional properties and vitamin content. Fruit cakes are made from carefully selected ingredients according to traditional Spanish recipes. They are perfect to pair with cheese, to add to some recipes like salads, as a dessert or as a delicious snack. They do not contain gluten.

We offer a range of varieties with a combination of different dried fruits and nuts:

FLAVORS: Fig cake with almonds, Fig cake with walnuts.

FLAVORS: Apricot cake with almonds, Date cake with walnuts and coconut.

FLAVORS:Date cake with walnuts, Date cake with almonds.


Quince paste, also known as Dulce de Membrillo, is a natural sweet paste made from quince pulp. Quince is a delicious fruit closely related to apples and pears, which has been grown by farmers since ancient times. Today, quince is grown following traditional methods and quince paste has become a unique specialty recognized throughout the world. When cooked, the fruit turns into a pink color, hence the characteristic color of this specialty, and have a wonderful sweet and floral aroma.

This typical and popular delicacy in the Spanish gastronomy is an excellent source of fiber, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins.

It is best served on boards with cheese and other accompaniments, in a salad or included in a dessert recipe.


Add a Spanish touch to your table with our selection of the most popular snack and accompaniments in Spain. They are ideal to be enjoyed with cheese, or simply on their own.

Picos, small breadsticks

Traditional or gourmet, Spanish picos are a must on any table: perfect to accompany a dish or as an appetizer before a meal.

Quicos, fried corn kernels

Quicos or kikos are a delicious snack with a characteristic flavor and crunchy texture of fried corn: regular or giant, with a salty touch, spicy or smoked, you won’t be able to stop eating them.

Spanish cocktail mix

This all-time favorite snack is extremely popular throughout Spain: a mix of crunchy nuts, corns and beans.

Caramelized nuts

Our caramelized walnuts and pecans are crunchy, with notes of caramel and a sweet flavor. An exquisite snack.

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