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Spanish exporter of Manchego cheese

Double-digit annual growth in the production of Manchego P.D.O. Cheese

Highest growth in the market.

First export brand of Manchego P.D.O. Cheese

Successfully exported internationally to more than 40 countries

Innovation and tradition

First Manchego P.D.O. cheese in the world to be aged in caves connected to a greenhouse.

Animal welfare

Selected farms where animals are raised following natural methods and continuous quality controls.

Leader in Manchego in strategic markets

Attested by the market shares of the Regulatory Council of the Manchego cheese Designation of origin


Alimentias was established in 1999 with the objective of sharing with the world our passion for the exceptional cheeses of Spain, specially selected for the top-quality milk from which they are made, and the traditional and artisanal Spanish dairy process used. From the very beginning, we also decided to promote a native almond variety of Spain, ideal to accompany our cheeses: Marcona almond, also known as the ‘Queen of Almonds’, recognized worldwide for its excellent beneficial qualities. Alimentias’ core business is thus the production and export of the most authentic Spanish cheese and accompaniments. Our success is reflected in being the second largest exporter of Manchego P.D.O. cheese worldwide, an achievement that was also possible thanks to the structure we have, 7 departments that work in harmony to guarantee the best service to our international customers. Another feature that makes our company unique is the special attention we pay to our animals. Their well-being is paramount to us: our flocks come from carefully selected farms, where they can freely pasture. Milk quality is then checked regularly, complying with specific requirements. Thanks to these continuous controls, we can obtain excellent milk, which is crucial for producing our exquisite cheeses. Our main cheese plant is located in Manzanares, Castilla La Mancha, a region in the heart of Spain, where we produce cheeses following very strict quality standards and traditional recipes. Some of our most exclusive cheeses are then transferred to our cheese curing caves in Jerez de la Frontera, where they will be left to mature in different chambers and can develop a unique character. All these factors allows us to obtain finest and unique cheeses with distinctive characteristics and aroma.


Spain has a remarkable variety of local cow, sheep and goat breeds, with particular characteristics depending on the region in which they are bred. The climate and diet of these animals directly affect the quality of the milk obtained and consequently the cheese. Alimentias selects farms in the areas where animals are raised according to traditional and natural methods, which comply with certain parameters established by our QA department, including the number of animals, their welfare, and the type of feed. If the farms meet these criteria, we proceed to check the quality of the milk, the key ingredient for making excellent cheese. The selected milk must line up with precise standards such as the right balance of fat and protein, milking period, normally in the spring months, and continuous controls.



Our main and constant goal is to maintain the authenticity and essence of our cheeses. This is possible through the combination of the expertise we have gained over decades as cheesemakers and the continuous innovations we incorporate. Our cheeses are crafted according to traditional recipes to make unique creations with signature characteristics. Thanks to the modernization of our facilities with the latest technologies and a pragmatic approach to respond to the trends of the different markets, we have been successful in more than 30 countries. Today, we offer a wide range of Spanish cheese and accompaniments, having the flexibility to adapt to any of our customers’ demands. In most of the international markets in which Alimentias is present, we set the benchmark for Manchego cheese P.D.O. and other Spanish delicacies.


Alimentias is committed to protecting the environment. During the last years, we dedicated much of our time and efforts to investing in renewable energies. In our cheese factory in Manzanares, we encourage eco-friendly initiatives and behaviors as much as possible. In the past years we have been implementing strict rules to guarantee respect for the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, such as reduction of water consumption, plastic microns, and paper thanks to a computerized system. In Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, South of Spain, where we recently built Finca Maria Paz, the sun shines 300 days a year. We decided to use this great resource to the benefit of the planet and ours. In the surroundings of the building, we installed 230 solar panels which cover almost the total amount of energy we need. Our goal for the years to come is to be 100% sustainable and self-sufficient. In addition, the Finca was built with carefully selected recycled and sustainable materials. To promote and protect the richness of local biodiversity, we also planted native Spanish plants throughout the estate: Quince trees, Marcona almond trees, and Cornicabra olive trees, the rarest and most excellent Spanish olives.



Creation of Alimentias and launch of the Don Juan brand.


Development of the Alimentias portfolio: selection of Spanish cheeses from over 26 factories, exported internationally.


Don Juan becomes the US market leader for Manchego PDO cheese, with 18% market share.


Export to Europe and Australia; sales increase: +200%; expansion in the United States: +40%.

2015- 2018

Sales growth in Europe +100%; Reach new customer profiles: retail, discount, foodservice


Restructuring of Alimentias cheese dairies to obtain IFS/BRC Broker certification


Construction of a clean room and a cutting laboratory


Innovative construction project: cheese cellars in Jerez de la Frontera for maturing Manchego PDO Don

Juan cheese; redefinition of the Don Juan brand

2019 - 2021

Sales growth: +30% per year; Second largest exporter of Manchego cheese in Spain and worldwide:

15% of total production; Large multi-channel customer portfolio; Launch of 5Q's brand for innovative cellar-aged cheeses.


Commercial partnership with TGT, Spain's leading cheese producer and distributor.



Phone: 956 540 684



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