True to quality and tradition


Alimentias is a Spanish company that was founded in 1999 and belongs to a long family tradition in the food business. It all started in 1881, in the town of Villalón, located in the center of Castilla; Villalón was the heart of cheese in those days and the Del Fraile family…


In Alimentias we dedicate all our efforts to ensure that the origin of our Manchego cheese, specifically la mancha milk, is ideal in terms of quality. Our agreements with farmers are long-lasting and based on a relationship of trust. This has allowed us to work with small farms whose milk has the exact parameters we seek…


The origin of milk will always be our best asset..
Discover Agricola Alimentias..



Manchego of the year

Manchego Cheese is made with La Mancha sheep's milk and must have a minimum maturation of 30 days for cheeses made with pasteurized milk weighing 1.5 kg or less, and 60 days for other formats. In which case, it should not be forgotten that it can have a maximum...

Sheep’s milk

Sheep's milk cheeses are almost always semi-soft and are known for their smooth texture and slightly oily properties. They are characterized by being rich in fat and provide us with a large amount of energy and protein, essential for our body and to keep muscles...

Our Tradition

This tradition dates back to the first nomads, as they were dedicated to agriculture and livestock. The first finds in Spain were found in the area of ​​the Pyrenees and in the Cordovan mountain range of Zuheros. Esparto utensils, perforated ceramic pots and spoons...


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