5Q’s, our signature cheese made from raw sheep’s milk, is aged in Oloroso Sherry wine casks in one of the cheese cellars of our estate in Jerez de la Frontera.

5Q’s is the result of our desire to combine our passion for cheese with the traditional produce of the area, creating a delicacy that is not only innovative, but also excellent in taste and aroma.
Normally used to age the world’s most famous whiskies, Sherry casks are used in our cellars to store the cheese that will be left to mature for months.

After refining this innovative cheese aging process, we selected the perfect cheese to be cured in Sherry wine barrels: a raw sheep’s milk cheese from the Roncal Valley in Navarra, in the Pyrenean mountain range northwest of Spain.

The excellent quality of this cheese and the unique process of aging it in Sherry casks for several months gives 5Q’s woody notes and an intense flavor thanks to the characteristic aroma of this Spanish wine.
Each step of the process intensifies its peculiar nuances, from flavor to fragrance, resulting in an ultimate Spanish cheese worthy of international recognition: the Super Gold award at the World Cheese Awards 2022-23.

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